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Tyler (on how Shelley and Tyler first met): My truly most embarrassing moment was when I went into the hair and make-up trailer, and I was aware that Jill Wagner who plays Kate was back on the show and I’d gone in. I had some stuff on my hands and hair, and I see this one getting her hair done, so it’s just this side hair thing and it’s very similar to Jill. And I came to give her a hug, just thought I’d run over and say hi. So I ran over, gave her a kiss on the cheek, turned, definitely not Jill, and I immediately went, “You’re not Jill, you’re not Jill, I just insulted you, I’m so sorry. Oh, my God, hi, I’m Tyler, nice to meet you.” 

Holland: In Tyler Hoechlin’s world, a kiss on the cheek is an insult. 

Tyler: I just invaded her personal space!  

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REGARDING THE MID-SEASON TRAILER: I’m actually pretty psyched for all of it but will Derek ever hook up with somebody without being weak and injured first?? Like damn show it’s like you can’t let him feel ALL the way good or else the balance will be thrown off…

We hope. It’s possible that Braeden’s operating under false pretenses. That’s better than magic roofies, but still bad.

Not good very bad scenario. I don’t mind that he is letting off steam but I just hope that it’s just that. I am all for Derek being happy. I ship him with happiness. But like we have seen earlier every time every time Derek gets in the vicinity of happiness something very terrible happens! I just hope that is not how this relation ends!


friendly reminder that if we get hoechlin this award there is a one hundred percent guarantee that he will blush and be really adorable and sweet

Also 99.9% chance that he will say something really sweet about Dylan..so we get Hoechlin and Hobrien!